marina javits

Marina Javits grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia where she was classically trained as an artist at a very early age. Petersburg has been at the epicenter of art and culture for centuries, known for esteemed performing and visual artists, historic museums and its world renowned architecture. Marina has always been a thoughtful artist; she would frequently spend many hours backstage at the Kirov Ballet painting the ballerinas as they did their routines. She also had the privilege to study at celebrated art institutions like the Hermitage and the Muchin Art Academy. She often romanticizes about her experience and never forgets where her passion for the arts began.

Her grandfather was a masterful landscape painter, she recalls his use of rich color and lifelike imitation of nature. Although she never met him, she grew up hearing stories about his eccentric personality and became a fond admirer of his earthy paintings. There was one painting in particular, where she would imagine herself entering the picture and walking along the painted path wandering deep into the forest. Marina never actually stepped inside any of her grandfathers paintings; but, she did walk in her grandfather's footsteps by painting from nature. She has worked in a range of medium but strongly favors water colors.

Marina is a student of the arts who thrives on contributing to the academia environment... She received her MFA in graphic design from Boston University.  Mrs. Javits has dedicated the last fifteen years to teaching graphic and multimedia courses both at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Northern Essex College. She regularly attends conferences and seminars to stay sharp with emerging web and design technologies. She is also very active in the community and regularly donates her works and time to Hadassah and other charitable organizations.

The Boston Globe wrote a story on a life size ice sculpture depicting a Russian Troikacreated based on Marina's insightful designs. Don's ice sculpture was a fairytale brought to life, which featured a church with onion domes along with Father Frost and an Ice Princess riding a sled pulled by horses. The display was unveiled at the 'Boston First Night' Celebration in 2002.

Her designs have been featured in 'W' Magazine and some of her designs have been the featured cover art for book publisher Houghton Mifflin. Her services have also been requested by medical professionals: 'Alternative Way Overcoming Injuries', a book published by Dr. Burdenko PH.D and Scott Biehler and a Russian book titled 'To Be In Tune With Your Soul - How To Get Rid Of Pain' published by Dr. Angelov.

For the past eight years Marina has built up a following from of her founding company Marina Javits Jewelry. She has captivated a new market (merchandising) in the local Boston scene, with her use of vibrant colorful stones and sensual designs. Her work has been featured at Ralph Jordan’s, Potpourri, Touché, and the Atrium Mall. Marina has also embarked on another jewelry venture dealing with holistic healing. The journey to create spiritual healing jewelry started more than 10 years ago, and eventually led to a creative collaboration with Dmitry Gushchin. Dmitry is an energy healer, therapist of holistic health, and founder of the Institute Of Russian Healing Arts, Inc. Dmitry and Marina work as a team to create and sell their line of healing jewelry called Healmestone.